The Capital One Mobile App: Everything You Need To Know
If you have a Capital One bank account, a Capital One credit card, or both, you'll want to download Capital One Mobile by Capital One. Using your online banking credentials, you may access your account balances, view recent transactions, and pay your bills using the CapitalOne mobile banking app. For Capital One clients, it's a one-stop-shop for internet banking. Credit card clients can set up financing accounts to pay your bill, plan future payments, and clear your balance.
Central Clearing of Financial Contracts
This article mainly illustrates the reasons why systemic risks in financial derivatives contracts exist.
Looking for normality under abnormal conditions -Part 8
The rate of return on risk weighted assets can have a continuous increase when the increase in net profit is higher than the increase in risk weighted assets.
Looking for normality under abnormal conditions -Part 6
In order for the listed banks to achieve double highs, they must not only have a high return on net assets, but also have a high core capital adequacy ratio.


Bank2B- The "new logic" of corporate banking -Part 9
In the traditional corporate bank sales model, the bank would provide banking services after when the enterprise has made loans or “bought” the banking products.
Bank2B- The "new logic" of corporate banking -Part 8
Since the general resources needed for the development of financial business are exclusive, it is essential to acquire or occupy these resources for obtaining economies of scope effect and to diversify risks.
What Is an Algorithmic Contract? -Part 2
This article introduces the definition of algorithmic contracts and talks about some problems when concluding an algorithmic contract.

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