An Easy Guide to Apply for Checking Account
Here we have listed the advantages of having a checking account, and you can also get the full guide to apply for a checking account.
What is Accounts Receivable Financing?
Accounts receivable financing is the agreement that allows business owners to access financing capital related to their accounts receivable. AR Financing agreements can be structured with asset sales or loans. This financing business is a great way to free up the business's cash flow, tied up by unpaid invoices.
Inflation expectations trigger a global asset earthquake
Through increasing government debt, Biden’s fiscal stimulus policy subsidizes residents’ cash income, which will stimulate the demand of the US economy.
Not a security, nor a commodity: legal currency
Many cryptocurrencies are not securities since they do not need to make a statement about their currency, which will not be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Non-fungible tokens: purchase is not complete ownership
Non-fungible tokens are tradable images that become the property of the buyer when he or she purchases from the creator, but due to its characteristics of ability to copy and reprint, it raises a problem with the copyright law.
Cryptocurrency promotes financial openness
Although the cryptocurrency is having some negative impact and speculation risk, its development will promote global financial openness.
How Does the U.S. Dollar Influence the World? -Part 5
Debt crises have happened numerous times in modern history, and most of them are U.S. dollar debt crises.
How Does the U.S. Dollar Influence the World? -Part 1
The primary problem in using U.S. dollars is whether to have U.S. dollars in hand, otherwise it would be empty talk.
The impact of the U.S. dollar on the international community - part 1
First introduce the importance of currency and its function of medium of exchange, then point out that the precious metals were once used internationally as non-sovereign currencies to conduct trade between countries, and finally introduce that in modern society, with the development of currency, some domestic currencies must play the role of international currency in order to facilitate trade between countries.
Four misunderstandings of digital currency -Part 1
Currency is the product of demand, where technology and supply are secondary elements in the currency economy.
Four misunderstandings of digital currency -Part 3
Digital technology determines the supply of digital currency by beginning to start technological language and logic instead of currency language and logic.
Four misunderstandings of digital currency -Part 5
Digital assets cannot be referred to as digital currency since there is no substantial intersection between the two and digital assets should not be used as pricing currencies due to poor liquidity.
Token-Based Financing -Part 4
This article introduces the initiation of smart contracts and illustrates the difficulties to regulate cryptoassets.
Virtual currency brokers: cryptocurrency platform supervision -Part 3
The customer protection rule is effective when separating the assets of securities companies and customers by requiring securities companies to own client securities while protecting the securities of customers.
Virtual currency brokers: cryptocurrency platform supervision -Part 7
The bankruptcy procedures of cryptocurrency platforms will result in clients obtaining the value of liquidated cryptocurrency in cash, which is not wanted by the customers.
How has the international role of the US dollar evolved? -Part 4
Except for the euro currency in Europe, the US dollar currency dominates the financial markets around the world and is the most frequently used currency in global trade.
ICO and DAO tokens under the EU financial regulatory framework - part 2
First introduce the advantages and disadvantages of sandbox regulation, and then put forward a more powerful solution—new legislation, and at the same time put forward the shortcomings of legislation and the steps to be considered in legislation. Finally, introduce whether legislation is needed can be determined according to the existing legal framework.

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