Which Is a Better Investment: Real Estate or Stocks?
Should you focus on buying real estate or creating an investment portfolio of stocks to increase your net worth? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 65% of American houses are owner-occupied. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 55% of American employees engage in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. If you're one among them, you've got some stock market exposure. You should know the pros and cons of either approach if you want to double down on either investment or if you're new to investing and attempting to make a decision.
A Complete Guardian Life Insurance Review In 2022
Guardian is among the oldest and most well-known names inside the life insurance business. They don't have the best term life policies, but the company's financial strength, customer service, and long-term policies make it worth looking into. Guardian Life Insurance is the best choice for people who have trouble getting insurance policies from other companies. This is true for people who smoke and people who have HIV, who haven't been able to get affordable insurance.
Corporate Business Tax
What is corporate business tax and is corporate business tax rate matter? Here you can get the full understanding of corporate business tax.
Bond Interest Tax - Taxation Rules for Bonds Investors
A bond is a fixed income investment in which the investor gets the fixed agreed-upon interest. Bondholders have to pay the tax every year on this interest payment. Tax conditions are different for each type of bond. Bonds are issued by companies, states and governments to raise money. Bond investors can sell the bonds before the maturity date after the bond gets issued. Some bonds are taxable in which bondholder is responsible for paying tax on received interest, but some bonds are tax-exempt in which investors won't pay taxes but special rules apply in the latter case.


Best Financial Portfolio Management Tools in 2021
Financial Portfolio Management Tools are widely used by investors to manage multiple accounts and keep track of portfolios in a single place. These advanced tools provide in-depth analysis, financial projections and examine investment returns and asset allocations. The top Financial Portfolio Management Tools of 2021 are Personal Capital, Stock Rover, Quicken Premier, and Morningstar Portfolio Manager. With these tools, you can get a quick snapshot of your financial portfolios on one platform.
Characteristics of Trust
The trust includes the principal, the trustee and the beneficiary. The high flexibility of the trust reflects on the identity of the parties.
Main Factors to Achieve “Global Minimum Corporate Tax” Scheme
This article introduces three obstacles in realizing the global minimum corporate tax scheme. First, low-tax countries are unwilling to increase tax rates. Second, coordinated multilateral actions are difficult to achieve. The last is that the program itself still has many details need to be settled.
Ways of issuing securities
Direct issuance is to sell securities on its own through an extensive sales network and relevant professionals, while indirect issuance is to sell securities through intermediary agencies.
Transaction is the confrontation between rationality and emotion!
Doing the transaction in the stock market is the confrontation between rationality and emotion! You must overcome human instincts, otherwise, there is no difference from gambling.
Choose the stocks with strong trends
Don’t buy those cheap-priced stocks, unless you know for sure that they are going to rise. Always select those promising industry stocks even they are more expensive. Set a profit goal before you start to play in the market, carefully calculate the costs and risks for your investment, and make a detailed plan.
Why Have Sovereign Debts Rarely Defaulted Unilaterally in Recent Years? -Part 1
This article mainly introduces four types of default, namely debt rescheduling, debt restructuring, suspension of debt repayment, and refusal to pay debts.
Rising U.S. Bond yields: the First Bomb in the Financial Market in 2021 - Part 6
The main reasons for interest rate hikes in emerging market economies are inflation and capital outflows, which may be affected by the rise in U.S. bond yields.
Why is sovereign debt rarely defaulted unilaterally in recent years? (V)
Three mechanisms promoting debt repayment and modifications of international financial structure.
Why is sovereign debt rarely defaulted unilaterally in recent years? (II)
The theory and historical samples of reputation hypothesis seems not able to explain the reason of sovereign debt repayment.
Trust System from the Perspective of Property Law -Part 1
The core of a trust relationship is trust property and trust relationships cannot exist without trust property.

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